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I have just transfer my Blog from blogspot to wordpress i-e http://valuewiz.blogspot.com/ to www.valuewizz.com . Now stay tuned with Value Wizz to find out more.
Normally when you need to secure your important data from other users, then your first choice is to burn it on CD or put it to removable drive instead of hard drive. But imagine if your data size is more than 100 GB then it is not easy to burn it on CD. No worry, you can save your full drive from other users access using this trick.
Evan Williams announced a fresh redesign to the biggest Twitter client, Twitter.com. The design draws on many of the innovations first seen in the official iPad app, and you'll see a new multi-pane view that lets you easily click between tweets, profiles, hash tags and other Twitter features.
USB drives have their own read and write speeds and based on this speed you can use it for specific purposes like playing a game directly from the drive etc. SpeedOut is a simple freeware tool which tells you about the read and write speeds of your USB drive. The application is completely portable and does the testing of reading and writing into the drive before arriving at the actual speed of your USB drives.
It’s been a week since Google launched Priority Inbox, and now that you've hopefully had a chance to try it out, Google share some tips to help you manage your email more efficiently. Here are five ways you can make Priority Inbox work even better for you.
1. Customize your Sections
By default, Priority Inbox has three sections: "Important and Unread," "Starred" and "Everything Else.” But that doesn't mean you have to leave them that way. You can make a section show messages from a particular label (like your “Action” or “To-do” label), add a fourth section, or change the maximum size of any section.